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Sadly, you can’t control the time or the weather (yet). But you can change how it looks and feels in each room of your house at any point in the day to ensure maximum comfort and the most indulgent moods. Blinds and shades can take you from a blazing noon to a cool twilight in seconds. They’re not only ideal for temperature control, helping you save money on air-conditioning and heating, they also protect your furniture, carpets, books, and other belongings from being overexposed to direct sunlight. (Plus, sometimes you just want to keep the glare off the TV.) Although their purposes are largely utilitarian in nature, blinds and shades also contribute significantly to the decor. They’ve come a long way since your grandmother’s living room, with all kinds of shapes, colors, and patterns from which to choose. Calico consultants can help you determine which Hunter Douglas product and materials will match your existing interior design. We can also help you get the longest life out of your selections.

HD blinds and shades

Oh, and just in case you were afraid to ask: What’s the difference between blinds and shades? Blinds usually refer to firm slats that can be raised and lowered by stacking horizontally. You’ll often see wood or plastic. Verticals are the blinds that hang down (like in front of a patio door) and may be made of sturdy, weighted fabrics; they open forward and backwards instead of up and down. 


Shades, on the other hand, are usually single-sheet window coverings that may be raised and lowered by rolling up into a case or pleating. They may be more affordable, but are primarily used for blocking light and granting privacy, whereas blinds provide more flexibility for window coverage and letting light inside your room.



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