Calico Bedroom Decor curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes

In 60+ years of helping people design their dream homes, there’s one thing that remains constant: They almost always leave the drapes and curtains for last. Not a bad strategy, since they make for dramatic finishing touches that truly transform a room into a living space. On the other hand, it depends on how close your next-door neighbors live. Those people tend to get curtains pretty quick. In addition to adding a gorgeous flourish, curtains and drapes give you significant control over the function of your room. You can choose how much light comes in and where it falls, how warm or cool the room feels, and how functional the windows are overall (for example, are you going to be opening and closing them every few hours you may choose very accessible and mobile drapery).

Calico Bedroom Decor curtains and drapery

Our experts can provide helpful insights that you might not even think to ask about curtains and drapes, aside from how they’ll look inside your home. Darker fabrics may absorb light faster and need to be replaced sooner, so you may want to discuss liners or which direction your windows face. You may have pets or kids and need certain fabrics that can withstand multiple machine washings. Even choosing between shorter curtains or floor-length drapes, and how that will draw the eye and shift the balance of the room, are topics on which we’re happy to advise.



And did we mention that we also do installations? Whether it’s the finishing touch on your room or the first priority, we’ll be there on time to put up your new window treatment, so you only need to worry about putting the look up on Pinterest when it’s done.



For Calico‘s Window Treatment Care tips, CARE TIPS.

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