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Calico Florida furniture is built to last a lifetime. But none of us actually wants to look our age–and your furniture is no different. Here are a few furniture care tips to ensure your pieces appear as spritely and inviting as they did the moment you brought them home.



  1. For upholstered furniture care, begin by attempting to clean it with a soft, dry cloth. It’s best to do so as soon as anything lands on the fabric. If that doesn’t work, try a damp cloth. Minimal moisture is key, since you’ll get the best results with quick air-drying. Always try a very mild soap or detergent before introducing a harsh cleaning agent to the upholstery.
  2. Every wood and gradient requires a different kind of cleaner and polish, so be sure you know what you’re working with before you choose the correct care products to keep in your home. Unless it’s in direct sunlight or otherwise exposed to harsh conditions, it’s best not to overly care for your wood. At best, polishing and cleaning a few times per year should be ample maintenance. Dusting is also a great way to touch up surfaces between cleanings. Avoid introducing excess moisture; if something spills on a surface, try applying your cleaning agent to a cloth rather than directly onto the wood so that less is absorbed into the surface.
  3. Keeping your furniture on padded coasters attached to the feet not only protects the pieces themselves, but also your floors. You may find cloth coasters to be gentler, although rubber may be a sturdier choice for large pieces. If these come off, it’s wise to replace them as soon as possible. Similarly, when placing items on top of your furniture, you should always try to use coasters, mats, and other barriers, not just for drinks, but also for lamps with bases that might get hot, serving trays, electronics, anything that might scratch or create friction, and all items that frequently rest on the surface and may create an impression or damage over time.
  4. Place and store your furniture carefully to maintain the most vibrant appearance over time. This includes keeping items out of direct sunlight (or using furniture covers), and placing them in climate-controlled environments, but away from extreme temperatures. Choosing the correct furniture for outdoor or patio usage is also key.
  5. For small tears to the fabric of your upholstered furniture, the first step is to assess the damage. You don’t want to wait too long so that a snag or rip turns into a hole or tear. Some damage can be repaired with sprays and glues and seem hardly noticeable, especially with patterned furniture. Other times, sewing may be your best option. In the case of heavy damage, you may wish to replace some of the fabric or have your item reupholstered. Please feel free to see how Calico can assist with helping to make your upholstered furniture look like new again.

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