A Project for All Seasons

As seasons change, so does our outlook, our tastes, our interests.
Consider smaller decorating projects where you can swap custom home accessories in and out according to the calendar…and your mood! Embrace the changes without abandoning your core decor. Play with patterns. Accent pillows, bedskirts, curtains or a re-upholstered chair can bring immediate revival and new energy to your home.


Welcome to spring! A glorious time for all Floridians – blue skies, cool breezes and flowers in full bloom.  How do you plan to enjoy the sensations of spring? Start by cleaning out the remnants of winter and embrace a new array of colors and textures. Switch out your seasonal accent pillows, go for a lighter bed cover, change shams to something on trend. Mix in light pastels and rich hues for the perfect accents. And don’t forget those spring flowers! Floral patterns are hot on the fashion runway – bring some of that fashion sense into your home or out to the patio.  A simple change of pillow covers can give your outdoor furniture the spring it needs. Light, airy, and comfortable. It’s incredible what new inspiration arises from a change in the weather. Want something else to jump up and down about? Come visit one of our showrooms and see the fabrics that have recently gone on sale. Redressing your home doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be you. Enjoy the pickings!!