Why Reupholster?

Pillow, Fabric and Trim

Why Reupholster

Youíve heard the saying Ďthey donít make it like they used to.í Well itís true, but just because an heirloom has stood the test of time doesnít mean it has the style you want on display in your home.

The truth is, the majority of Americans buy for looks or because something is trendy. Perhaps thatís why so many settle for inferior quality and end up with disposable furniture. However, by refreshing rather than discarding, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — forever pieces with relevant designs to match the way you live. But how do you know when your furniture is worth saving? Here are 5 reasons to reupholster:

You love it — Whether it belonged to your grandmother or is a vintage design you rescued from an estate sale, the best reason to refresh is because itís something you adore.

The styles have changed — You may love the design but hate the outdated fabric. A good upholsterer can update a piece by lengthening a skirt, removing the tufting or plumping the cushions. With thousands of textiles to choose from, Calico Corners lets you pair antique quality with modern design.

It costs less than something new — While reupholstery isnít inexpensive, it can be less costly than buying new. Knowing youíll be getting quality construction that lasts makes the decision easy.

Sentimental reasonsMaybe itís something you inherited from your favorite aunt or the couch you once sat on with your dad. Whatever your reasons for loving a piece, thereís value in bringing it back to life. With Calico Cornerís range of designer fabrics and trimmings, you can easily turn a sentimental favorite into a bold fashion statement.

Youíre concerned about the environment — Saving outdated furniture that would otherwise be discarded cuts down on waste and makes for a greener environment.

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