Fashion Interception

Fabric Presentation

Now that football season is in full swing, the recurring issue of that old, nasty man chair has sure to have popped up. It?s the one piece of furniture in the whole house that your football fan cannot live without. But season after season, that coveted chair or recliner has been an eyesore that throws off the entire room. Instead of continuing to argue over it, let?s strike back, ladies. It?s time to intercept that chair from your spouse and run it back to our endzone for a much needed reupholstering makeover.

Score – a great idea for a special holiday gift! Come browse Calico Corner?s arsenal of fine textiles and choose a fabric that you can both love. With new colors and patterns, you can transform a worn out piece into a chair that looks fresh and acceptable for company. An eyesore no more. Help blend the chair into your decor by coordinating custom throw pillows that bring the look and feel of the rest of the space together. Throw in a clicker caddy and send your biggest fan into football bliss. Way to put style points on the score board. Now we can focus on the game. May the rest of the season be exciting and victorious. GO TEAM!

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