Start home decorating by looking in your closet!

Ready to decorate but not sure where to start?  Just visit your closet!  What do you see when you look inside your closet? What is your style – artistic, preppy, bohemian, edgy, or traditional? What colors do you like – black & white, bright colors, beige & neutrals, or fall colors?  Do you see mostly solids, prints, plaids or animal prints? What fabric’s do you prefer – cotton, silk, linen, tweed or cashmere?

You wear what you like, what makes you feel good about yourself.  Take those cues and transfer them into your home design.  If you like bold prints, upholster a piece of furniture in a floral fabric. Prefer plaids?  Mix and match plaids in different scales to brighten a solid sofa.

The most consistent colors in your closet are probably your favorites, use them as your primary color scheme or just add a punch of your favorite color as an accent.  Don’t forget,  just like jewelry completes an outfit, trim and drapery hardware add that finishing touch that makes your room special and unique.

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