Sometimes we have a tendency to make things more difficult than they should be. Decorating your home should be fun and rewarding. As we saw in the last installment with color inspiration from our closets, style inspirations are all around us. This time of year it seems everyone is either going on vacation or coming back from one. Travel and the memories we make on our adventures are a great style inspiration.

Maybe you stayed at one of the uber cool new hotels — sleek lines and zen serenity made you feel calm and peaceful. Did you love that feeling? Duplicate it in your own bedroom. Sumptuous silks, linens, and cottons will build layers of quiet texture that will embrace you on your way to a restful sleep.

Went on photographic safari in Africa? Make your own “Out of Africa” haven in your family room. Wonderful animal prints, subdued florals, and earthen color tones will remind you of that fabulous vacation when the stress of the real world is trying to pull you down.

Stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast built in the 1760’s? Recreate that warm and cozy feeling in your own living room. Beautiful crewels, Jacobean prints, and jewel tone colors will have you back to New England in no time.

Vacations and travel relax us, satisfy our sense of adventure, and provide us with wonderful memories for years to come. Why not use all of those sensory experiences to inspire your next decorating project? The talented staff at Calico Corners can help you duplicate these looks and many more. With just one style cue from you they can help you create an entire room or your whole house so that it fits your personality and makes a style statement that is all you.

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